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Podcast Episode #2 – What Is Top Soil?

Posted by admin on  8 Aug 2019
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Podcast Episode #1 – Principles of Healthy Soil

Posted by admin on  31 Jul 2019
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What have we done with our crop production

What Have We Done With Our Crop Production?

Posted by admin on  23 Jul 2019
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Regardless of our accomplishments, we owe our existence to a six-inch layer of topsoil and the fact that it rains. One of the most common questions asked by farmers is – have you had rain? If yes, how much? As all countries do – South Africa has unique geographical, ecological and meteorological challenges. For example, the levels of rainfall received in South Africa can be sporadic and unpredictable.  Too often we move from being in
When it comes to breeding cattle and management – everything revolves around body condition. All of the breeding and management decisions will affect body condition and vice versa. Any natural food production system, where nutritional natural food is produced relies on soil health. It therefore goes without saying that a beef farm is not exempt from building up their soil, if they want to stay or become profitable, and especially if they want to increase
The future of agriculture

The Future of Agriculture

Posted by admin on  17 Apr 2019
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“Upon this handful of soil our survival depends. Husband it and it will grow our food, our fuel, and our shelter and surround us with beauty. Abuse it and the soil will collapse and die, taking humanity with it” – Verdas, Sanskrit Scripture 1500 B.C. What is the future of agriculture? Where Are We Now? As professionals in the agriculture industry, we need our thinking to go further than sustainability when considering the future generations

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  1. Bryan
    23 Aug 2019

    Very interested. Can this be done without irrigation?

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