Life Creates Life


This is a philosophy that is instilled in all of our products, to enhance every part of your agricultural ecosystems so that all life in it reaches its genetic potential, naturally.

Creating regenerative, holistic agricultural systems sustains successful business; rich and fertile soils, abundant crops, strong livestock, genetically superior ecosystems as a whole and healthier humans who will eat the the most nutritious, hormone and antibiotic free foods.


Our products









Green Bio is currently servicing :

SA, Mexico, USA, Zambia, Botswana and Namibia.
We enable the growth, diversity and accessibility of critical probiotics.

Nature is complex.
Our products are simple.


Probiotics are the life force of agriculture; they enrich the soil, stimulate plant growth, enhance root development, encourage earthworm populations, keep livestock function efficiently and so much more.

Natural systems, reliant on probiotics, have developed over millions of years and they thrive on diversity. We must farm with these systems, not against them.

GreenBio specializes in improving livestock production, animal health, welfare, and profitability while enriching farmlands and nourishing the ecosystems that breathe life into all.

The end goal for the development of various GreenBio’s products is to achieve the animal’s genetic potential, without the use of antibiotics or hormones. All of our products are natural, either using Microbes and their by-products or plant extracts that have certain functions to aid in animal health.

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