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Sow Lacto Boost

This is a combination of Monopro, Hepagen and Bromelain to aid the sow to recover after furrowing.

Natural Salt Mixture

NSM, is used specifically when the pathogenic load on the farm, specifically in the furrowing house and in the weaner house, is to high. This is a pulse application that is given for 6 hours per day over a period of three days.

Pig Creep feed

Is a combination of Monopro, Bromelain and Prebiotics to aid with the small intestine development and with stimulation of the immune system.

What do the farmers say

  • ● Antibiotic use has dropped significantly.
  • ● Sows are in a better condition at weaning.
  • ● Weaners are heavier at 70 days

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