Mamre Intensive Lambing System

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Green Bio has formulated specific products for the ewe and the Lamb to ensure optimum health for the sheep.

EWE Lacto Boost

This is a combination product that aids the ewe during her last stages of pregnancy until weaning. It is added to the ewe’s ration from six weeks before lambing until weaning. Ewe Lacto Boost is a combination of Rumenpro, Hepagen and Bromelain.

Lamb Creep feed

Is specifically formulated for the lamb to aid with the rumen development and with the immune system development. Lamb Creep feed s added to the lamb creep feed from birth until two weeks after weaning. Lamb Creep feed is a combination of Probiotic, Prebiotic, Bromelain and nucleotides.

What do the farmers say

  • ● Antibiotic use in the ewes has dropped by 75%
  • ● The ewe’s condition at weaning is much better
  • ● The ewe’s are satisfied, they lie and ruminate
  • ● There is no ammonia smell

What do the farmers say:

  • ● We have stopped using antibiotics on our lambs
  • ● Our weaning weights have improved.
  • ● We have less lung problems
  • ● The lambs are more viable