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Life Creates Life

Animals, plants, soils, and microbes play a synergistic role together. The health of one part of an agricultural ecosystem will always affect the genetic quality and health potential of another.


Everything starts with bacteria and our soil.


Without biodiverse, microbe-rich, healthy soils; Our plants cannot reach their potential, grow deep roots, form natural immunities, become nutrient-rich and provide optimum yields.


Without bacteria, nutrient-rich plants for grazing or animal feed, our livestock’s health, growth, lifespan, and meat quality will be limited.


This remains the same for us humans who should be consuming foods that help us reach our genetic and health potential.


Everything that the soil gives, returns to the soil. What we give, we get. And what we get affects the foundation of our ecosystems.

Working to strengthen whole agricultural ecosystems is the only way to maximize our farming capabilities, our land, our health, our business, our communities and to do so in a way that will last generations.

GreenBio Products


GreenBio products exist to help you farm with nature, not against it; We help improve your farming systems holistically and provide natural products that focus on the diversity and accessibility of biodiverse microbe cultures that improve the health, immunity, and growth of your livestock at a fundamental level.


Resulting in genetically superior, more profitable and environmentally sustainable livestock.


Gut Health – Pre and Probiotics


Liver Health – Hepagen


Immune Stimulation – Chitosan - NSM


Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory and proteolytic enzyme – Bromelain


● Improved digestion
● Improved enzyme excretion
● Improved FCR (feed conversion rate)

● Improved gut health
● Improved Daily Weight gain
● Improved immunology

Client Benefits

- Soil health improvement
- Improved water penetration
- Improved water retention

- Improved mineral cycles
- Improved microbial life

Consumer Benefits


We are a part of the ecosystem.


Healthier food, healthier bodies.


Ethical farming. That regenerates our land and soils.


Regenerative agriculture that ensures the future of generations to follow.

Despite all of our accomplishments, we owe our existence to a six-inch layer of topsoil and the fact that it rains.


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